Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses with Integrated Calculators 4.0

Palm Medical software

Developer: Medical Wizards

This drug reference software for Palm pda contains the entire content of the Davis’s Drug Guide (11th Edition), and includes integrated calculators.

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses with Integrated Calculators 4.0, based on Davis’s Drug Guide 11th Ed (FA Davis Co) provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date drug information in well-organized, nursing-focused monographs. It includes extensive supplemental material in 18 appendices, thoroughly addresses the issue of safe medication administration, educates the reader about 50 different therapeutic classes of drugs, and conveniently includes invaluable calculation tools by Medical Wizards.

In this 11th edition, we have continued the tradition of focusing on safe medication administration and even more information about health care’s most vulnerable patients: children, the elderly, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. Look for more Pedi, Geri, OB, and Lactation headings throughout the monographs. In addition, we’ve expanded our information relevant to Canadian students and nurses. You’ll find a new appendix comparing Canadian and U.S. pharmaceutical practices, more Canada-only combination drugs in the Combination Drugs appendix, and additional Canadian brand names in the drug monographs.

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses with Integrated Calculators merges the advantages of weight based drug dosing calculation with a comprehensive drug reference. The user should review the integrated critical care infusion calculators for items such as dopamine, nitroglycerin, amiodarone, and other common critical care medications. The flashing red calculator icon alerts the user when looking up a drug that a calculator is available.

Completely updated with expanded content:
• High-alert drugs and life-threatening side effects are visually highlighted
• Over 5000 trade and generic drugs
• Nearly 150 drug classifications (therapeutic and pharmacologic)
• Comprehensive coverage on Over 1700 drug monographs
• 700 commonly used combination drugs
• 400 integrated calculators
• Extensive cross-linking has been implemented between drugs
• Search via Main, Generic, Trade, Therapeutic, Pharmacologic, and Eye Medications indexes
• “Do not confuse with, crush, break, or chew” caution statements highlighted
• Complete drug dosing considerations for adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients
• IV information including dose, dilution, syringe/Y-site/additive/solution compatibility and incompatibility, rate, intermittent/continuous infusion, precautions, and more.

Monographs include:
• Action of Drug
• Adverse Reactions
• Assessment of Therapy
• Availability
• Contraindication/Precautions
• Dose/Route
• Evaluation of Therapy
• General Info (which includes High Alert Status, Drug Name, Classification, Pregnancy Category, and Controlled Substances Info)
• Implementation of Therapy
• Indications/Common Uses
• Interactions
• Patient/Family Teaching
• Pharmacokinetics
• Potential Nursing Diagnoses

Additional content includes:
• Abbreviations
• Administering Medications to Children
• Administration Techniques
• Canadian Drugs
• Combination Drugs
• Controlled Substances Info
• Conversion of Units Calculators
• Dietary Guidelines
• Drug Classifications
• Equinalgesic Dosing Guidelines
• Fentanyl Transderm Conversion
• Hazardous Drugs
• Immunizations
• Insulins and Insulin Therapy
• Laboratory Values
• Medication Errors
• Medications to Use with Caution
• Narcotic Equivalency Info
• Natural/Herbal Products
• Ophthalmic Medications
• Pediatric Dosage Calculations
• Pediatric Fluid and Electrolyte Requirements
• Pregnancy Category Information
• Recent Drug Approvals
• Special Dosing Considerations

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