Paramedic’s ToolBox 7.0

Developer: Medical Wizards

Paramedic’s ToolBox 7.0 was designed to provide information and calculations for the experienced pre-hospital provider at the point of care. It enables the user to perform instant weight-based calculations for drug dosages, critical care drips, emergency drugs, fluids, and more for both Pediatric and Adult patients. This product is a logical complement to other PDA reference products such as Davis Drug Guide, PDR or drug compatibility guides.

New 7.0 Features include:
• Auto updates now included, with future updates occurring on a regular basis *
• All modules upgraded and expanded to represent latest updates in content and protocols.
• New topics added to Toxicology, PediDrips, and much more.
• Many additions to the Calculator module to include items such as APACHE II score, NIH Stroke score, Pneumonia Severity index, Pediatric Asthma Symptom Severity score, ABCD2 Stroke score, Alvarado scoring system, and over 25 additional major calculators!

13 Modules:
ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support Protocols carefully adapted for rapid viewing and implementation, with latest 2005 updates.

Adult Drips – Adult Critical Care Infusion Calculator and reference.

Calculators – This expanded section contains nearly 70 calculators of items like osmolal gap, croup, apgar, glascow trauma scores, peak flow, oxygen tank time to empty, pregnancy calculator, blood alcohol calculator, NIH Stroke Score, APACHE II score, ABCD2 Stroke score, and much more.

Emergency Meds – Emergency Medication dosing with integrated dose calculation.

Fluid Wizard – Pediatric & Adult Burn Fluid calculator, Pediatric bolus and maintenance fluid calculator and new feature of %BSA Burn Calculator for both pediatrics and adults.

Infusion Calculator – A multiformat smart calculation tool to solve any generic infusion calculation need.

NALS/PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support Protocols carefully adapted for rapid viewing and implementation, with latest 2005 updates.

Paralytics – A substantial drug information and resource for paralytic agents.

PediCode – Pediatric Code module with top selections that include all needed drugs with a single selection, based upon underlying condition (e.g. asthma, anaphylaxis, sepsis) PLUS rapid calculation of doses of over 30 drugs and interventions (Updated 2005 AHA guidelines) needed for emergent pediatric critical care.

PediDrips – Pediatric Critical Care Infusion Calculator and reference.

PediOTC – A quick reference to pediatric over the counter medications.

RSI Wizard – A rapid calculator for Rapid Sequence Intubation including all needed drugs and tube sizes.

Toxicology – Comprehensive Toxicology Information divided into information on ingestions, overdoses, toxidromes and the specific antidotes with integrated dose calculator.

* This product is subscription based and will function for 1 year following purchase/registration. During this period all regular auto updates and support will be free.