Pocket Stars (ARM/XScale) 6.1

Developer: Nomad Electronics

Pocket Stars is an integrated, real-time star finder mobile software, ephemeris, and celestial navigation tool for the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile).  A Star Chart near as your pocket!
Pocket Stars
is a portable guide to the heavens for casual stargazers, astronomers, and celestial navigators alike. Use your smartphone to discover the sky.

New for Version 5: Supports Windows Mobile 6.5, 6, 5, at all resolutions including VGA, QVGA, in landscape, portrait, and square orientations.  3D Solar system flythrough. GPS location support. Complete color skinning.  Fast zoom control.

Pocket Stars is Designed for Microsoft® Windows® for Pocket PC Logo certified, and winner of the 2006 and 2005 Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine Award and 2003 Champion Awards for Best Education Application.

Star Chart Features


    • Simple and fast star, planet, constellation and Messier object identification. Single click on any body to get the name, designation, calculated altitude, azimuth, and magnitude. Drag the cursor to scroll the chart. Zoom in and out with a single click.


    • 3D Solar system flythrough.


    • User location set by GPS, clicking on map, city selection, or by entering Latitude and Longitude.


    • Complete user control of colors and skins.


    • Orbital paths of inner planets and sun.


    • Time Animation.


    • Black, white, and red star chart colors for normal, bright, and night viewing conditions, respectively.


    • Chart can be rotated to any of the 16 compass points and also flipped along the North – South axis.


    • Chart can be live, realtime or static for any user selected time.

Celestial Navigation Features


    • Reduction from sextant altitude to observed altitude for any of the 9110 stars, nine planets, and sun and moon.


    • Position from intercept and azimuth.



Other Features


    • Rise, set, and meridian times for all solar system bodies.


    • Lunar Phase calendar and animation showing the relative positions of the earth, moon, and sun.


    • Images and physical data for planets, moon and sun, Messier and Caldwell objects.


    • Great Circle distance calculator


    • Range and bearing calculator


    • Horizon distance calculator


    • Julian Day calculator


    • Degree minute seconds conversion calculator



More information


    • Screen shots, demonstration movies, additional ephemerides, and FAQ available at author’s website.


    • The trial version is fully functional for a period of 15 days. After this demo period elapses, some capabilities are disabled unless registered.  A registration code enabling permanent full functionality will be mailed immediately upon purchase.


    • Program updates are free for registered users.



Accurate, fast, fun!