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Intelli Chess 2.7.2

Developer: Intorine Chess program with a strong engine and ability to play over the Internet Strong chess engine (Human vs Computer) Intelli Chess engine performs an advanced position analisys in a few seconds Chess games over the Internet using ChessClub.com chess server.You can log in either as a guest, or using your ChessClub username/password. Internet …

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Pocket Stars (ARM/XScale) 6.1

Developer: Nomad Electronics Pocket Stars is an integrated, real-time star finder mobile software, ephemeris, and celestial navigation tool for the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile).  A Star Chart near as your pocket! Pocket Stars is a portable guide to the heavens for casual stargazers, astronomers, and celestial navigators alike. Use your smartphone to discover the sky. …

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Paramedic’s ToolBox 7.0

Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Provider: Medical Wizards Shareware Paramedic’s ToolBox 7.0 was designed to provide information and calculations for the experienced pre-hospital provider at the point of care. It enables the user to perform instant weight-based calculations for drug dosages, critical care drips, emergency drugs, fluids, and more for both Pediatric and Adult patients. This product …

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