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Intelli Chess 2.7.2

Developer: Intorine Chess program with a strong engine and ability to play over the Internet Strong chess engine (Human vs Computer) Intelli Chess engine performs an advanced position analisys in a few seconds Chess games over the Internet using ChessClub.com chess server.You can log in either as a guest, or using your ChessClub username/password. Internet …

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Tweaks2K2 .NET for ARM & XScale – $4.00! v3.23.1

Tweaks2K2 .NET is the ultimate registry hack tool for WIndows Mobile (PPC) and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Use Tweaks2K2 .NET software for hacking your PPC PDA Registry, Tweaks2K2 has more than 166 different registry tricks and 2 screens with information about your WM PDA. No other tweaks application for Windows Mobile (PocketPC) offers you tricks that …

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Paramedic’s ToolBox 7.0

Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Provider: Medical Wizards Shareware Paramedic’s ToolBox 7.0 was designed to provide information and calculations for the experienced pre-hospital provider at the point of care. It enables the user to perform instant weight-based calculations for drug dosages, critical care drips, emergency drugs, fluids, and more for both Pediatric and Adult patients. This product …

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